• , over 3 years ago

    Introducing brand new Markly 2.0! We spent four months in the past to redesign our design spec generator app Markly. Markly 2.0 helps you organize, share designs and assets across your team, make designers and developers work together.

    We utilized Google Drive to store all the designs, it's secure, fast and cheap. We don't even reply on any third-party server to transfer the data. For us, this is a milestone release. We shall improve Markly in later updates to make it better.

    Markly is free to use, without any limitation. For any questions or feedbacks, drop us an email at team@marklyapp.com.

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  • Janis Thomas, 3 years ago

    It seems like Zeplin + Lingo + Google Drive storage, I really like this idea. Another question, can we have one-time purchase without subscription?

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  • Juan J. RamirezJuan J. Ramirez, over 3 years ago

    Trusted by Amazon and Microsoft? ... None of these companies use Google Drive for internal work. That's misleading advertising.

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  • Andrei Nistor, over 3 years ago

    I was willing to give this a go, unfortunately it's Mac only.

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  • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, over 3 years ago

    Love the idea. Just imported a file and nothing shows up in the inspections panel, however.

    How can I share this with my developers? Do they need to have a mac?

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    • , 3 years ago

      After you opened the project, please click the link "Project is private, click to share" to invite your developers by enter Gmail address. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at team@marklyapp.com.

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  • Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson, over 3 years ago

    Will be giving this a test :-) thanks Lance

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  • Joe Roberto, over 3 years ago

    Crashes when I try to open the app, after logging into my google drive.

    *Edit.. Looks interesting though!

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