What is your iA/UX process?

over 3 years ago from , Interactive designer

I'm working in a video streaming startup, and I need to improve on the information architecture as the current structure is cluttered and all over the place.

From my limited understanding, iA is about the categorisation of data in a product. I've read articles about iA is more than grouping, but there aren't many practical examples that demonstrate the process/methodology.

So, I'd like to ask:

What is the ideal outcome for iA process and how do you achieve it?(eg sitemap, data grouping etc)

How do you adapt iA into your UX flow?

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  • Carlos SousaCarlos Sousa, over 3 years ago

    Card sorting workshops, decision tree exercises, looking at the data (which sections are clicked the most). And then when you have all that information, you can make decisions, translate them into working prototypes, user test it, look at the results and iterate.

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