• Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, 8 years ago

    Gmail web interface. It's the same everywhere you go. Love it.

    It's kind of an approach I've adopted after freelancing for a while. I had to use many different machines, and found my dependance on home-cooked shortcuts, styles, patterns, etc very limiting. So I've settled for using "vanilla" in as many aspects of my work as possible.

    This extends to mail; I have a gmail account, so I use gmail, no importing into third party clients anymore.

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    • Joe CJoe C, 8 years ago

      Can defenitely see where you're coming from with this Dirk. I have started working in similar ways since I'm always jumping between machines at work. Doesn't make sense to get too 'custom' in that case.

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  • Oliver JohnstonOliver Johnston, 8 years ago

    I used to use Sparrow, now I just use the G-Mail web interface. It's looking quite sexy now :)

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  • Nikhil NNikhil N, 8 years ago


    Continuously being developed. The beta builds come in fortnightly if I am not mistaken, and simply much more better than Sparrow. I hope Mailbox comes to the Mac soon.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 8 years ago


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  • Josh GreenJosh Green, 8 years ago


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    • Rude AyeloRude Ayelo, 8 years ago

      Seems we're alone in this thread Josh, Postbox is simply perfect. Unibox seems to be a nice runner.

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  • Aleksandar DjuricAleksandar Djuric, 8 years ago

    Using Mail app, both on OS X and iOS. It works really well and I still think it's the best solution regarding mail communication.

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  • Matt KelshMatt Kelsh, 8 years ago

    I <3 Mail.app

    I try the others, and keep coming back. :)

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  • Corey GinnivanCorey Ginnivan, 8 years ago

    I just started using the Unibox app Beta: https://www.uniboxapp.com/

    So far I'm loving it, it's set up to be more of a chat experience. Only problem is you can't flag or add emails to groups.

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    • Joe BarberJoe Barber, 8 years ago

      The Unibox concept kind of falls apart as soon as you have to cc someone on an email. Then your conversations end up with all these emails that aren't necessarily TO that person.

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      • Corey GinnivanCorey Ginnivan, 8 years ago

        Yeah it is a bit annoying. From what I've seen they've been getting a lot of feedback about that, so hopefully they'll change it when it comes out of Beta.

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  • Manik RatheeManik Rathee, 8 years ago

    I still love Sparrow, despite it not being in active development anymore.

    I used to use apple mail, but it was sluggish, and AirMail (in beta) is alright, but it feels very clunky to me.

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  • Max MareleMax Marele, 8 years ago

    +1 Sparrow. Waiting for Mailbox

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  • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, 8 years ago

    I'm excited to try Hum. Still on Sparrow though.

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  • Martin JensenMartin Jensen, 8 years ago

    I too am in love with Sparrow, but I'm really looking forward to .Mail (dotMail) — http://dotmailapp.com/

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    • Jordan BorthJordan Borth, 8 years ago

      I've been excited for this app since it was announced over a year ago, hoping it's released soon.

      I'm still using Sparrow. Does what it needs to do quickly and efficiently. It's a shame development has stopped :/

      I've tried almost all the others (Postbox, UniBox, that AOL one) but I always come back to Sparrow. First I've heard about Airmail, going to check that out now :)

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  • Lewis FludeLewis Flude, 8 years ago

    I use Apple Mail still.

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  • Chris FreesChris Frees, 8 years ago

    I've been using Thunderbird lately. It's definitely not beautiful, but it's secure and it values my privacy.

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 8 years ago

    Mailplane: http://mailplaneapp.com/

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  • Fatih TuranFatih Turan, 8 years ago

    I'm using Mail App but also searching for good alternative.

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  • Marcel Wichmann Marcel Wichmann , 8 years ago

    Somehow everything but Sparrow seems sluggish and unresponsive. Testet Airmail and Unibox and Mail.app and nothing came close. I don't know, something about Sparrows way to display information and the responsiveness of its animations just makes it still the best mail client. At least for me.

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  • Nghia NguyenNghia Nguyen, 8 years ago

    I'm still using Sparrow.

    Waiting for Mailbox!

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  • Valters GrisansValters Grisans, 8 years ago

    Sparrow +1

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  • David HooglandDavid Hoogland, 8 years ago

    +1 sparrow

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  • Jeff EscalanteJeff Escalante, 8 years ago

    Just recently moved on from sparrow to Airmail (http://airmailapp.com/) and have been really enjoying it

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  • Chris De La FuenteChris De La Fuente, 8 years ago

    Sparrow rulessss

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  • Ben JenningsBen Jennings, 8 years ago

    Another +1 for Sparrow. They came pretty damn close to perfection in my opinion.

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  • Bady QbBady Qb, 8 years ago

    Still use Sparrow atm

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