Ask DN: Conversion impact of modern design trends?(Brutalism/Flat etc.)

4 years ago from , Digital Strategist & Partner at Studio Projectie

Currently there are quite a few design trends gaining traction, such as brutalism. Yet, when I look at these websites as an 'expert'. I'm sometimes lost as to what the subject is. For example this website was featured on Typewolf: https://b4xvi.com/preface .

Sometimes I think that these designs are made first for designers and artsy folk and not at all suitable for the ignorant masses ;) How does DN feel about this and whats your experience with the conversion rates of websites like these or websites with 'different' designs in general? Has there been any real research on this subject?

My own experience is mostly that clients appreciate something original but if you move to far away from a 'normal website' it's hard to maintain and/or keep them convinced you should break so many 'rules'.