Experience with virtual assistants?

over 4 years ago from , Creative Director + Cofounder @goodhandsdotco

Hey! My company is investing in hiring virtual assistants to take some of the smaller tasks off of our plates that take up the most time/require the least amount of context. This is something I was considering for as a freelancer as well.

Do any of you outsource work to a virtual assistant/personal assistant, or wish you could? If so, what sort of things do you/would you assign to them?

To give you a little bit of context, I am a designer working for a 30 person team across both marketing and product.

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  • David Holman, over 4 years ago

    I'd like to outsource all my work so I could spend my days outside mountain biking

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  • Adam Weil, over 4 years ago

    Hey Daniel, we have our virtual assistant in the Philipines do the following for work:

    1. QA our dev work (compare design specs/mockups to the build, test functionalities, etc.)
    2. add in content once the CMS is ready
    3. record tutorial videos for clients (also for future VA training)

    She had no technical expertise so it took some effort to train but after a month or two she was pretty self-sufficient and integrated with our team.

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  • Ole-Martin BrattengOle-Martin Bratteng, over 4 years ago

    At Headspin, I find the smaller tasks quick and easy to do and gives us the most profit. Task probably takes 20 minutes, charge by the hour. I now have 40 minutes I can spend extra on a project that probably needs extra time, but not budget for it. It's a win-win.

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