What's your educational background and how is it helping you in your job?

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I personally have a rather odd background for the profession I'm in. I studied Logistics with focus on System logistics. My official title is kinda funny also "Uni. Dipl. Ing. Log. Kristjan Gomboc" (I'm never using it. It's just to silly)

Currently I'm working as a team lead of a design team. Before I was a UI Designer (Self thought. Also the coding part.).

When I talk to people it's always kinda strange to explain the relation. But the most interesting part is, when asked if I would choose again if I would study something else I honestly have to say No. Studying what I did really helped me on so many levels being better what I do now. Since logistic is also very interdisciplinary I had course from math, mechanics, automation, business, cross-culture management, information systems... all to languages and law. Which enables me now to speak to various stakeholders in their language. Also system thinking and problem solving is at the core in logistics and design...

But recently I talked to a new colleague and he challenged me. He said basically "I see why your background is helping... but let's say you would need to give advice to your young self... is there something else that could be even more helpful then logistics?"

So, I started wondering ... and honestly I can't answer it. But I also don't feel confident in giving the advice to "go study logistics" to anyone who want's to make carrier in design. It can't possible be the best choice :)

Therefore I'm asking now, dear community, what is you background and how does that help you in your job as a Designer (or anything related)? Would you choose it again / recommend it to someone?


  • Jasper Greville, 1 month ago

    I am a student in the field of computer science and I have been working on some projects at home. My educational background has helped me in my job because it has given me resumesplanet help without any expenses. The experience I have gained from my educational background will help me in my career in the future.

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  • Account deleted over 5 years ago

    I graduated with a Marketing degree with a concentration in Advertising. My final year of school I was the President of the Ad Cub, the Business Manager of the university newspaper, and the Advertising Manager of the newspaper as well. I also interned at a boutique marketing/ad agency that specialized in playbills.

    I was determined to get into fashion advertising. I ended up turning down a couple jobs in NYC out of college and decided to focus on this new thing called "the web" because I loved doing it for fun and it was finally the time where you could make a solid career building and designing websites (late 90's).

    I find my background in marketing and at school has helped me tremendously for a few reasons:

    1. My brain has always thought about the end "user". How to appeal to them, how to speak to them, how to get them coming back for more. While this is now pretty common practice in web/online stuff - it was a big differentiator for me for a long time. I made companies a LOT of money focusing on learning what the customers wanted and adapting rapidly.

    2. Because of the Ad Club and dealing with traditional advertising, I had learned to be "ok" with pitching and speaking in public. As your career grows and you eventually want a more leadership role (at least I did), being able to sell ideas and pitch things is huge.

    3. Looking back at my time at the university newspaper, it also really helped me grow as a leader. It taught me about being a team, delegation and to be totally honest - office politics. When I became a leader, it was very hard for me to be less hands on (I still am), but I also found the most joy in working with junior level people, helping them grow and then watching them take the reigns of things themselves... and eventually move on to great things.

    If I could do it all again, I'm not sure I'd change much. I would have totally asked out the girl I had a crush on who worked at the university copy center though. Times are different now. Back in the 90's the design school was so focused on print and traditional forms of media. The web to them at that time was a complete joke/fad/nuisance. I loved playing in HTML and JS. Heck, in the early 90's I built a BBS for the heck of it at night after working my shift at McDonalds.

    Now I feel the biggest challenge for design students is getting real-world experience and being taught how real-world design works. A lot of schools fall down here hard. I self-taught myself by embracing my love of architecture and design. I poured over books about grid-spacing, type, architecture design, magazine and newspaper design etc. What made them appealing? I soaked it all in and applied it to my work.

    In the end, my path isn't for everyone, but it worked for me. My personal drive to learn design through reverse engineering and study on my own time was a HUGE factor on top of the more traditional business stuff.

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    • Marko Polski, 3 months ago

      I cannot say that any specific knowledge from my educational process has become necessary now. Rather, I acquired a lot in the process. But the university taught me organization and possible automation of any tasks. Now I often use the online waiver software https://www.pandawaiver.com/ . It really helps me save time that I used to spend on paperwork.

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