Ask DN: Bring nephew to work

over 6 years ago from , johnkarlsson.se

My nephew (15yr old) is interested in the whole advertising/design thing and asked if he could follow me to work one day to see what it's all about.

Does anyone here have experience from something similar or have any ideas on things to do or show?


  • Spencer HoltawaySpencer Holtaway, over 6 years ago

    I discovered I wanted to be a designer because my dad worked in advertising and when I went to visit him in London he'd take me to work.

    Usually he'd sit me down at a mac with some games on it to keep me entertained. Usually it was a spare computer for a freelancer so I often sat with designers. I'd spend more time watching what they were doing and seeing how they made images with a mouse on a screen. I really wanted to learn how to do that, and I'm glad I get to continue to learn things like that every day now.

    I think it would be great to schedule 10-20 minute desk meetings with different people around the company where he can ask any questions he has, and they can talk about what they're working on that day, like an adult: what problems are they solving, how are they solving them, what makes it easy, what makes it difficult? That way he could get a lot of different perspectives from different people.

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    • John KarlssonJohn Karlsson, over 6 years ago

      Very helpful, thank you! I'm going to scout the office for coworkers in different departments that could be fun for him to talk to / watch. Oh, and we have a candy shelf, what could possibly go wrong? ;)

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  • Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, over 6 years ago

    Does he have any skills yet? Or just interest?

    If he has even basic skills, bring him in all day and put him to 'work'. Even if it's cropping old photos or checking for bugs, whatever- give him some menial work and watch him go. Bring him meeting or two, take him to lunch, etc. I would've looooved that in my teens.

    If he's just interested but without skills, just bring him in for a visit. Show him the office, introduce him around, tell him what you work on and how you spend your days, then send him on his way.

    Both would be valuable, I think, just depends on where he is in the journey.

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    • John KarlssonJohn Karlsson, over 6 years ago

      Great tips, thanks! I'm not certain on his skill level, but I'm sure he would manage simpler tasks. I'm thinking of making it into an afternoon and maybe give him a few subtasks from the thing I'm working on. Still with main focus on taking him around the office and showing the different stages of projects.

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