Best overviews of product management using Trello

3 years ago from , Product at Stitched.io

I'm interested in how different teams use Trello to manage their agile product and development teams as I would like to improve the process at the company I work for. To provide a bit of context, we currently have <10 developers and two product managers/designers, so still a small team by any measure, and run a two week sprint process.

Intercom posted a fantastic blog post from what looks like a few years ago. It's nice and detailed, with lots of practical tips on exactly how they use their boards, plan releases etc. The detail is great.

Can anyone suggest blog posts that take a guide-like approach, something along the lines of "This is how we use Trello at...". Much appreciated!

N.B. We're pretty embed in Trello as a company so it's unlikely that we'd change, but I'm sure articles on product management process using tools other than Trello would still be useful!