DN is rendering in the browser default fonts again

2 months ago from , Creative-type person

This issue happened a few weeks ago and staff needed to kick a tire somewhere. Looks like it might need to be kicked again.

(And the site is forcing me to add a badge to this post. Can't we have the option of no badge at all?)


  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 1 month ago

    I know this wasn't a popular opinion - but I prefer this default font setting.

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    • Ali Zendaki, 1 month ago

      Me too. It's more transparent and easier to read.

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    • Gonçalo MoraisGonçalo Morais, 1 month ago

      I don’t prefer it per se, but it’s at least as good as the previous setting. I’m OK with it.

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    • Philip AmourPhilip Amour, 1 month ago

      Same here, when using San Francisco (default on the devices that matter), the letter spacing needs to be set properly otherwise it reads really poorly. :|

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  • Elizabeth R.Elizabeth R., 1 month ago

    Why does this have to be a topic of discussion...again!? Just report it to DN.

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  • Joe CJoe C, 1 month ago

    It's...happening...again. It's...happening...again.

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, 1 month ago

    I love good default fonts. They look so better in Retina.

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  • Nick MasonNick Mason, 1 month ago

    I mean, it's a 404 on a CSS file, so technically your choice of badge isn't wrong...

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    • Ken M (No, not that one), 1 month ago

      Yeah, since I was being forced to pick one, I went with what I thought was appropriate.

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      • James LaneJames Lane, 1 month ago

        Quite right Ken, but as it's opened up quite a bit of discussion (especially between you and Beth R.) I thought I'd change the icon to just that ;)

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  • Stefano TirloniStefano Tirloni, 1 month ago

    To me, it looks an error... Whitney was always declared into the css file, maybe they forgot to renew the font license. btw now is back = license renewed?

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