Wacom Intuos Pro AND Sketch Bug?

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Hey guys,

Just bought a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, but I keep getting this error in Sketch.

  1. I select a layer within a group (holding CMD key)
  2. then try to select another one from another group (holding SHIFT+CMD) => problem is, it selects the entire second group, not just the inner layer I am targeting

Repeating the same process with a mouse works perfectly: you can select as many multiple layers with multiple groups. With Wacom, you can only select any layer within the first group, but then by holding SHIFT, you will select full groups, not targeted individual, inner layers within those groups.

Does it make any sense? I've attached a screenshot here https://goo.gl/khNGr9, in case it would make things any clearer.

If someone could help me on this one, it would be highly appreciated.

(Must mention I tried this and got the same error with other Wacoms in the office and the only one that worked just fine was an old Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. Thought if I purchase the new one I'll be fine, turns out I'm really not.)


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  • Jony Droid, over 3 years ago

    I have the same problem, just update the sketch app to version 45.1 but the error only happens with the pen with the touch or the mouse works well the selection of layers.

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