Unhoard 2.0 - We help you rediscover the things you saved, liked or favorited from the services you love

over 6 years ago from , Digita Designer @ Kaliber Interactive

About a year ago we launched Unhoard, a tool to rediscover all the things you saved in your Pocket.

Recently we've launched Unhoard 2.0. We now help you rediscover the things you saved, liked or favorited from various services. Every week you get a personal newsletter from your collection. Seeing what you collected earlier inspires new ideas or helps to take action on ideas from the past.

For Unhoard 2.0 we've added more integrations, enabling you to unhoard from various services like Instapaper, Product Hunt, Dribbble, Urban Dictionary and Pocket.

We hope it helps you rediscover things you loved in the past and would love to hear what you think of Unhoard.

Get it! www.unhoard.io

Thanks, Misha & Dennis


  • pfrex ., over 6 years ago

    Although I don't really need to use this kind of service anymore (I've recently organized all my Pocket, Instapaper and bookmarks) I love the idea behind it and I would have definitely had been a user a few weeks ago. Great work!

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  • tim hickstim hicks, over 6 years ago

    I think this is a really cool idea – I know, personally, I have about a million links/bookmarks/posts collected all over the place that I'll probably never take the time to review.

    The one feature I'd like to see is a Slack integration. I share most of my content with other designers & developers there so being able to have unhoard grab random links from specific channels would cover the vast majority of my previously discovered things.

    Also wanted to say that your signup/onboarding is nice and straightforward. The only minor thing I noticed was that the placeholder text in your signup email field is missing a space.. just a heads up :)

    Anyways, nice work with this, looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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  • Liam McKayLiam McKay, over 6 years ago

    Any plans to add Twitter / Pinterest? - Lovely idea by the way.

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