• Renato de LeãoRenato de Leão, over 6 years ago

    Not sure why no one's discussing the serious design/dev work involved in such a data dense website like this...

    For what I can see the platform is around since 2014 and has gone through a few redesigns. Either way, this is more actual than ever.. i'm not sure if you fellas have been reading the news but Cryptocurrencies are just experiencing the biggest grow ever:

    On desktop nothing to say, picked up the Stock market pattern and removed the clutter keeping it familiar to power user, traders, which I think will be the main target of this dashboard since the maker, Kraken, is a trading platform. Also the amount of tools that they have using the canvas API is impressive even if don't understand most of them (totally newbie in stock trading stuff :smiling_sweat:).

    On the go site (aka mobile) could use some improvements: a little bit of space between sections, or maybe some bigger title font-size could improve the scan of different blocks with such overwhelming information density. Other thing that could help would be the a search functionality which would allow to quick filter the landing page blocks currency blocks. The individual pages are missing the responsiveness of the landing but maybe that's WIP, or maybe the mobile user base isn't that great and landing page is enough to get the users to kraken landing page (this decision should be made on data though, but responsiveness is always good no matter what)

    On dev, the site is fast for the kind of platform, less than 750k with third party libs and only 24kb of CSS (props for the OOCSS approach with BEM flavour #fanboy)

    That's all folks. Nice piece of work!

    But yeah let's go back to discuss "Why you should..." or "Ten reasons why..." medium articles, dribbble posts of designs that never see the daylight, trying to be the first to comment the title with a pun to get the most "upvotes" and become a DesignerNewsSocialNetwork star or if designers should f*cking code in 2017.

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    • Pedro Pinto, over 6 years ago

      I totally agree. I think this is a well designed dashboard for people who wants to stay on top of the cryptocurrencies valuations. And the filters they provide are really helpful.

      It's only a shame that they don't provide info about XRP :(

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  • samuel lord, 6 months ago

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  • Mike Wilson, over 6 years ago

    I do dig the minimalist dashboard. However word to the wise--

    I hear lots of people (mostly mid-20s males) around the office talking about "investing" in cryptocurrencies lately as if they know what they are talking about.

    Hopefully none of you are putting serious money into these purely speculative plays. There is no intrinsic value to a cryptocurrency so calling it an "investment" is naive at best. Basically you're gambling with other males in their 20s with a similar knowledge dificiency about things like liquidity, volatility, bid/ask spreads, and the like. You can expect valuations to be a better indication of internet buzz than anything else.

    Somebody above said "XRP is really low now, ideal for safekeeping." This is a perfect illustration of my point.

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    • Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, over 6 years ago

      Of course this is a gamble, and most of the decisions made on this market are based on speculations. The whole blockchain thing is pretty new, and it will take while until everything will settle down.

      But to further illustrate your point. XRP is just a little bit under 0.3 and was on this level +- since it was created. You can invest/gamble (depends on your perspective) and buy hundreds of these coins for hundred bucks and just wait couple of years and see what happens. Its price might grow to just one $, maybe to $10, maybe to a hundred. Or it might crash horribly to almost a zero.

      Sure, investing a hundred bucks might not even be called an investments. But doing it here and there might turn out rather profitable in couple of years. But as you said, nobody knows.

      Investing/gambling with bitcoins is just 15% of my money I use for investing. And for the third year in a row it brings by far the most money. It is a funny little playground.

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    • Pedro Pinto, over 6 years ago

      I'm not investing big money or money that I can't loose. Just gambling a few bucks for "fun" and because I believe that the cryptocurrencies can be the future of the financial industry. It's kind of a way to stay on top of what's happening on this area. Speaking about the cryptocurrency intrinsic value, there's an interesting post by Ben Thompson about this topic: https://stratechery.com/2017/tulips-myths-and-cryptocurrencies/

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