Inside joke? Industry practice? Why did Sketch 3.8 jump to Sketch 39?

9 months ago from , UI Desginer

I'm curious...where'd the decimal go? I've seen that in other apps too (Chrome did it, I think Firefox too).

Was there a legendary developer in the 80's who accidentally left out a decimal in a release, and now everyone else does it in honor?

Or does it mean they're no longer "beta" or something?

Thanks for your beautiful minds.


  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 9 months ago

    x.y.z version numbers are common for apps that have paid major updates, like Sketch used to.

    Apps that have different business models (free, subscription, or pay-for-a-year-of-updates), often use version number schemes that mimic the more gradual nature of their development.

    I think the version number format change is to reflect the new business model (pay and get a year of updates).

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