Product Development Cycle - Idea to Fruition! What tools?

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Hey all,

Trying to get a good grip on what a successful product development cycle looks like for the folks here on DesignerNews. I'm familiar with the Stanford Design method, along with the ever popular Sprint made popular by Google Ventures.

I currently am responsible for working with a BA to understand the companies needs, and working with a few engineers to see what is technically feasible. From there I go to work wireframing whatever the release is that will fulfill the high level req's... then Ill have a dev build it, we'll work with users to strengthen our hypothesis, and then go back and put some polish on it.

Are any of you all familiar with using Aha! What about sprint.ly? Are those garbage and there is another tool that is heavenly? Want something that I can strategize / look a month or two out, but also that can be dev friendly.

Any input is valued, and I will appreciate it :).