Quotes on Freelancing: "Getting a full-time job is like riding a bike, freelancing is like riding a unicycle"

over 6 years ago from , Creative Director @ Jake Cooper Design

I've been sharing this idea for a little while now, and it's only making more sense as I dip my toes into the freelance pool. I feel like I know how to ride a bike -- how to interview for a job -- but that skill is utterly unhelpful when trying to ride a unicycle -- go out and get clients of your own / have them seek you out.

I'd love to read your favorite quotes on freelancing or owning your own business -- share in the comments!

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  • David SvezhintsevDavid Svezhintsev, over 6 years ago

    I don't know any quotes from the top of my head. But recently my friend gave me this explanation of how he feels at this very moment. Which basically summed up how I feel as a new to the freelance guy who is starting his own business:

    The more I dive into the deeps of the ocean, the deeper I go without seeing the ground. And in those deeps, you stop seeing the light. And you are lost, into nowhere, without understanding which way to swim. To either progress or get back to the surface. Whichever way you go, you don't see the light. And anxiety kicks in after every push you make.

    That’s how I feel like every single day. I feel like that when I think that I need to get $$$/talk with clients/talk in front of large group of people/work on writing blog posts thinking that I'm a fraud and other bullsh*t that get's into my head.

    But you know what? I f@cking love it.

    It's so much better than spending your time in a cubicle, working for somebody who doesn't care about you, but neither do you care about them. Wasting time on a product you don't believe in, and if you do care they usually just shut you down. Unless you're some creative/art director who has a vote on the board or you are a friend of the owner.

    It sure as hell scary, because there are no paths to take except your own. But I'd rather make my own path then follow somebody who doesn't even know I exist and make him rich on the way.

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