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over 3 years ago from , Product Designer

I have an InVision project I share with my client. Say I want to upload some WIP to bounce off fellow designers before showing the client. Is there a way to limit who can access one page of a project if the project is already shared with multiple people? Thanks!


  • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, over 3 years ago

    Hey Katie, Stephen from InVision here, another way you could handle this is by generating a sharelink from an individual screen or set of screens. If you hover over screens in your project you'll see a circle icon that allows for individual screen selection. When you select a screen(s) a bottom bar pops up allowing you to generate a sharelink for JUST that screen(s) selected. Hope that helps!

    Here's a screenshot of the individual hover select behavior I'm describing above: https://www.dropbox.com/s/823etsyvwynglc7/Screenshot%202017-05-17%2014.26.26.png?dl=0

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    • , 3 years ago

      Hey, Stephen! I have another pressing question - when will the craft sync plugin be updated to work with the latest version of Sketch? It's absurd how much I rely on it these days. Also -- Am I correct in assuming the inspect part of InVision only works if you upload work via craft sync? Thanks for keeping us updated here on DN. And for making InVision. And being you!

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      • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 3 years ago

        Hey Katie! So Craft already does work with latest version of Sketch. :) Make sure you're using the latest version and updated. If you happen to have been on our prototyping beta, please make sure you're using the production channel and not the prototyping beta channel as that is now a legacy product (since prototyping is in our production build). If you still are having issues hit us up at support@invisionapp.com and we'll get you squared away ASAP.

        On your Inspect questions I may need more info. Craft Sync will certainly allow you to utilize it but you can also upload working files as well without using sync to take advantage of this (Sketch or PSD). Let us know if you have more questions- happy to walk through them by email or via support interaction.

        Thanks so much reaching out- love it!

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 3 years ago

    I'd recommend (if you can) just making two prototypes and labeling them as such (stakeholder review vs WIP.) You can indeed share individual screens and hide access to others with their share tool, but you'll find that unsustainable if you have a lot of back and forth with the client and want to add or remove design over time.

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  • Gabriel AnghelGabriel Anghel, over 3 years ago

    If you shared the project with client directly by email, then NO, if you shared the link then you might have some options. But i would recommend to just create a new project for WIP.

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  • Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman, over 3 years ago

    When you click "Share" in the modal, at the bottom, it says "Link options" I would just share it that way and password protect it.

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  • Chris Daniels, over 3 years ago

    There is a link setting that says "Allow access to all screens in prototype", I think this allows you to share only one screen. I do not know of a way to permission groups of pages.

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