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    Well, at least now you know you're asking in the wrong place. :)

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    A few of my coworkers worked at Apple. Here are a few anecdotal takeaways I've gathered:

    1. Strong root in graphic and industrial design: The crits are pretty rigorous. Apparently people hold back less than is usual in the Bay area.

    2. Fairly secretive/competitive culture: My colleagues didn't know what other designers were working on. They also still can't talk about the work they did there.

    3. Focus on doing the best work: There are very few perks for a SV company. People stay late a lot.

    Of course, this is all second hand info that should be taken with a grain of salt, but I figured it's probably a bit more helpful than the snarky gifs ;)

    You should also look this up on Quora. I'm sure there are plenty of first hand accounts there.

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    I liked this bit from a Fast Company piece a couple of years ago: https://www.fastcodesign.com/3030923/4-myths-about-apple-design-from-an-ex-apple-designer

    “It’s actually the engineering culture, and the way the organization is structured to appreciate and support design. Everybody there is thinking about UX and design, not just the designers. And that’s what makes everything about the product so much better . . . much more than any individual designer or design team.”

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