• A B, almost 6 years ago

    Alternative (boring) headline: Tools to handover prototypes to developers are improving

    FYI That is also pretty much a TL;DR

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  • Joe Crupi, almost 6 years ago


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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, almost 6 years ago

    This gap is only tied to some part of the software creation. Of course, a developer will never replace a designer, or just tell me how a developer will illustrate or do typography work, just to mention an example. Same for designers. It's ok to learn CSS, but you never will replace the counterpart work unless you become a proficient programmer which is, really rare to see nowadays.

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, almost 6 years ago

    Well, from what I can tell anecdotally, digital designers are beginning to care less and less about actual design & color theory & composition (moving away from print fundamentals) and towards systems & workflows & animation & not making the developers work too hard.

    Pretty much any kind of design discussion on this board regarding any of the aforementioned graphic design traits are mostly shot down as trivial and petty, but discussions of ux sprints and sketch workflows are deemed of high importance.

    Reiterating that this is anecdotal, because I think I can talk about button gradients for days, but this is mostly irrelevant discourse for many others in the same field. Strange days for the web.

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  • Ian GoodeIan Goode, almost 6 years ago

    For the last decade, there has been a cold war happening between designers and developers. Designers have fumed about just how dependent they must be on developers to create mockups that go beyond limited static images. On the flip side, developers have resented their need for skilled designers to help them turn their own concepts into fully fledged, user-friendly interfaces.

    This opening paragraph is so aggressive in setting up a false premise.

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  • Luna Smith, almost 6 years ago

    I kinda agree on that.

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