Ask DN: What is your morning routine?

6 years ago from , Designer at LoungeBuddy

Share your morning routine from the moment you wake-up to the the moment you open your first creative app (Sketch, PS, Illustrator, etc). If you have any workflows you use to make your mornings a bit easier, I would love to hear about them as well.


  • Arthur Dilis, 6 years ago
    • Wake up
    • Grab a brush and put a little makeup
    • Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup
    • Make some oatmeal, add blueberries, a dash of cinnamon and a spoon of stevia
    • Go to the gym and workout
    • Get home, eat rice with chicken / beef and a handful of broccoli, green beans or spinach
    • Open up Sketch

    Then I usually get distracted and start doing work at around 3 PM. Go to sleep at around 12 PM and tell myself I'm not going to get distracted the next day. Well, guess what...

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    • Tom WoodTom Wood, 6 years ago

      The Chop Suey joke deserves many more upvotes.

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    • Artem Nedrya, 6 years ago

      Wow you focus on being healthy, but your routine would be a healthy one only if it didn't involve chicken (meat/diary)

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  • Art VandelayArt Vandelay, 6 years ago
    1. Wake Up
    2. Use the bathroom
    3. The world is my oyster.
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  • Joshua TurnerJoshua Turner, 6 years ago
    • 7 AM waking up in the morning
    • Gotta get fresh
    • Gotta go downstairs
    • Gotta have my bowl (gotta have cereal)
    • Gotta get down to the bus stop
    • Gotta catch my bus
    • I see my friends

    From there it gets pretty crazy. A lot of partying, a lot of fun. So excited.

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  • Joe Blau, 6 years ago
    • Wake up
    • Run 3-10 miles
    • Gym for ~30 mins
    • Shower
    • HN / DN
    • 1 hour walk to work
    • Xcode
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    • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 6 years ago

      Do you use a running app to log your runs?

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      • Joe Blau, 6 years ago

        I currently just use the Apple's Activity app which works well enough. I've tired Nike's app and a few other things, but none of them really stuck. I was actually considering switching to FitBit's app because if have a lot of friends with FitBits. That didn't last long though because FitBit and Apple don't get along so there is no direct integration from FitBit into HealthKit and vice versa without a 3rd party app.

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    • Oz ChenOz Chen, 6 years ago

      2 hours of walking a day, that's awesome. Do you listen to a ton of podcasts on your commute?

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      • Joe Blau, 6 years ago

        Yeah, my Podcast list has all types of stuff. Design Details, Swift, Bitcoin, NPR How I built this, Machine Learning, and lots of podcasts around Swift and iOS development. I also have a couple of BS podcasts that are just entertaining.

        I also use the time to call my Mom, Dad, family, friends, or whomever and catch up.

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    • Dulguun EnkhbatDulguun Enkhbat, 6 years ago

      heck you must be ripped top to bottom

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      • Joe Blau, 6 years ago

        Nah, the snack wall at work kills all of that progress I make every morning :)

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    • Yannic NachnameYannic Nachname, 6 years ago

      You dont' eat?

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      • Joe Blau, 6 years ago

        I eat when I get to work :). Usually oatmeal, fruit salad, cereal, granola, or yogurt.

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  • Alessandro Stigliani, 6 years ago
    • Wake up in a hurry > Damn i overslept again
    • Bathroom usage Fast & Furious style
    • Shower half asleep
    • Public transport half asleep
    • Buy a coffee > so good
    • Smoke 3 cigs > hello darkness my old friend
    • Turn on my icrap
    • Reddit/ company's slack / DN / Dribbble
    • Already noon > ohgodwhy.jpg
    • Repeat
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  • Oz ChenOz Chen, 6 years ago
    • Wake and splash water on face
    • Brew tea/coffee
    • Meditate. I use Insight Timer to listen to Tara Brach's 10 min meditation.
    • Drink tea/coffee
    • Look @ Gcal to review appointments/meetings, use it to block out time for work
    • Write a bit in a Google docs "diary" to prime my brain, and separate out deep work tasks vs batch tasks (email)
    • Start work
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  • Ben HowdleBen Howdle, 6 years ago

    What I've learnt about DN users:

    Not many of you have kids...

    Mornings aren't quite so free with kids!

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    • John PJohn P, 6 years ago

      That was your choice, childfree discrimination is rife.

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      • Ben HowdleBen Howdle, 6 years ago


        Mine was an observation based on the comments I see.

        I'm also making a statement based on my own experience of pre/post having kids.

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      • Josh Sanders, 6 years ago

        Ben's original comment contained absolutely ZERO discrimination. Not sure when making an observation became an attack on anyone? Also, if you're that quick to jump to conclusions and get defensive, perhaps it's best to stay of the internet o_O

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  • Marcel van Werkhoven, 6 years ago

    beep beep (8:30 AM)

    • Punch snooze / turn off alarm (8:35 AM)
    • Fall back to sleep
    • Wake-up and be shocked at the time (8:59 AM)
    • Make breakfast
    • Check world news, appointments and e-mail on phone
    • Bathroom and other stuff
    • Search car keys / office keys / sunglasses (which ever is missing @ 9:29 AM)
    • Jump in car (9:35 AM)
    • Drive to the parking garage
    • Walk to the office (9:59 AM)
    • Arrive at office (10:05 AM - 10:10 AM)
    • Prepare team briefing
    • First stand-up meeting of the day (10:30 AM)

    Pro-tip: Shower before you head to bed on weekdays. You'll sleep better and save time in the morning. Other than that I've accepted that even with a solid 8 or 9 hours of sleep I'm never going to be a morning person.

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    • Thomas PalumboThomas Palumbo, 6 years ago

      Try getting less sleep. No really. Everyone is different but generally you need about 7-8 hours of sleep. I notice if I get more than 7:30 I feel lethargic. As if I got too much sleep.

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  • John PJohn P, 6 years ago

    Get up late, get to work late, slack off

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  • Account deleted 6 years ago

    • Wake up around 5am

    • Take shower and get dressed

    • Make lunches for my kids

    • Walk or bike to train to commute into the city

    • Get iced coffee

    • When slammed, work on train... when not, read Monocle

    • Get to work a little after 8am

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    • Andu PotoracAndu Potorac, 6 years ago

      At 5AM? That's when I go to sleep.

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      • Account deleted 6 years ago

        Ha! I'm actually more of a morning person. When I do freelance, I'm usually up at 1am or 2am to do it. Around 8pm a switch goes off with me... and my quality goes the way of the shitter.

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  • Pedro MarquesPedro Marques, 6 years ago
    1. Wake up
    2. Sleep again
    3. Wake up (kinda for real this time)
    4. Run 5km or cycle for 20
    5. "Ok Google, play my morning playlist"
    6. Shower && Coffee
    7. "Ok Google, what its on my calendar today"
    8. Cycle 10min to work
    9. Standup at 10:30
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  • Kat ☺, 6 years ago

    Wake up. Smoke. Freshen up. Dress. Commute. Coffee. Smoke. Emails. Read work priorities. Stand up. Work.

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  • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, 6 years ago
    1. Roll outta bed
    2. Locate and peruse a shower
    3. Stumble into clothing
    4. Obtain a ham cheese toastie with my coffee on the way to work
    5. Give DN a gander
    6. Wade through an ocean of emails
    7. Get crackin'!
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  • Alex PriceAlex Price, 6 years ago
    1. Wake up @06:00
    2. Jump! Move!
    3. Grab a roll of clothes and head to shower.
    4. Brush, shave, grab duffel bag
    5. Walk to work, get breakfast on the way
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  • Jamie Aucoin, 6 years ago
    • Wake up (usually ~6:30am)
    • Feed the dog & cat
    • Do one push up (Tracking my habit with Loop)
    • Get dressed to go outside
    • Pour some cold brew
    • Take the dog for a walk (~:45)
    • Get ready for work
    • Pack breakfast/lunch
    • Drive to work (~:15)
    • Setup my laptop at my station
    • Prepare my breakfast (avocado toast) and get more coffee/water from the kitchen
    • Eat breakfast while checking email
    • Write down my daily todo's
    • Get started...

    It's interesting to get insight into other people's routines, it's how I've evolved my own over years. Hearing what stuff they fit into their morning/afternoon/night motivates me to always be assessing and improving my habits.

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  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 6 years ago

    Wake 'n' bake, strong coffee, do a skid leaving the carpark, then spend the day making shit look more pretty for people who don't know what do

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  • Renata Adrienn Bajko, 6 years ago

    Wake up when the Sun wakes up. Stretch and bike for half an hour. Get fresh. Eat healthy breakfast. Go through to-do list, then e-mails + newsletters. Read out loud the daily book summary on Blinkist.

    Get to work.

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  • Alejandro DorantesAlejandro Dorantes, 6 years ago
    1. wake up still drunk for whatever i did last night
    2. check email
    3. realize i actually replied with perfect grammar during a party or something
    4. shower
    5. eat something usually boiled eggs with salt and pepper and a toast
    6. go to uni

    i dont work until ~5pm the trick is to always stay a day ahead of the deadline

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  • Vision 229Vision 229, 6 years ago
    1. Open MacBook
    2. Boot Windows 10
    3. Drink an Activize by Fitlineglobal.com
    4. Start Figma
    5. Start Adobe Brackets
    6. Design in Figma, then Code
    7. Go Home
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  • Scott H, 6 years ago
    • 5:30AM rise and grind
    • Gym
    • Shower
    • Eat
    • Commute
    • 9AM arrive at work
    • Eat again
    • Coffee x Coffee x Coffee
    • 9:30AM standup
    • Work, work, work
    • Profit?
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  • Taimur AbdaalTaimur Abdaal, 6 years ago
    1. Wake up
    2. Catch up on Facebook, Instagram, HN on my phone in bed (45m - 1hr)
    3. Get out of bed, maybe have a shower
    4. Have cereal while watching YouTube
    5. Find any excuse not to have to start studying for my exams
    6. Maybe do a bit of side project work
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  • Timothy McKennaTimothy McKenna, 6 years ago

    Between 5am and 6am - Wakeup (because the dog stares at me in the morning because she has to go out.) - Feed and take dog out - hower & get dressed - Make lunch or pack stuff to make lunch at office (we have a big open kitchen, mostly everyone cooks) - Wake up wife, prepare her something quick for breakfast.

    6am - 7-7:30am - Commute to work ( I live 70 miles away from my office ) - Curse at traffic on highway - Curse at in town traffic

    7:30 - 8am - Grab a coffee and read Designer News for a bit

    8am - 9am - answer emails, update projects in PM suite, read unread Slack messages, check any updates in GitHub

    9am - Greet team every morning, grab more coffee

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  • Lucas LLucas L, 6 years ago

    My super streamlined morning routine: 1. Wake up as late as possible 2. Shower as quickly as possible 3. Joylent (4 min breakfast) 4. Walk to subway.

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  • Will DeeWill Dee, 6 years ago

    Currently: 1. Wake up 2. Brush teeth 3. Stretches 30 minutes 4. Have tea 5. Eat 6. Go out Would like/need to fit in meditation after 3.

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  • M. de Winter, 6 years ago
    1. Wake up [07:30]
    2. Give food and attention to cat [07:30 - 07:40]
    3. Shower and bathroom-stuff [07:40-08:00]
    4. Go back to bed to cuddle with cat and girlfriend [08:00-08:10]
    5. Make a cortado and eat a cracker [08:10-08:30]
    6. Put on clothes and fill backpack with laptop etc. [08:30-08:45]
    7. Say goodbye to cat and girlfriend [08:45-08:50]
    8. Longboard to train station [08:50-09:00]
    9. 15 minutes train to Amsterdam [09:00-09:15]
    10. Longboard to office [09:15-09:30]
    11. Arrive at office
    12. Check phone for the first time
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  • Matt Lewis, 6 years ago
    1. First alarm (7:35)
    2. Wake up (8/8:30)
    3. Check emails/DN/social
    4. Cigarette
    5. Get dressed
    6. Feed dogs
    7. Cold Brew
    8. 15 minute drive to work (9:30-9:45)
    9. Stare at my screen until I'm actually awake (10-6pm)
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  • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, 6 years ago

    Shit, Shower, Shave, Sketch(ing)

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  • Bevan StephensBevan Stephens, 6 years ago
    1. Get woken up at about 5:30 by kids
    2. Put cartoons on and attempt to get more sleep
    3. Eventually have to get up because they've pooped themselves
    4. Shower
    5. Walk 20 mins to my office and buy coffee on the way
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  • Vinay ChilukuriVinay Chilukuri, 6 years ago
    • Wake Up
    • Cold water shower
    • 1.5 hr Yoga & Meditation
    • Check out design blogs for 20min
    • Breakfast/Brunch
    • Go to work
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  • Clarke HyrneClarke Hyrne, 6 years ago

    Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, and yawn and stretch and try to come to life.

    7-ish: wake up 7:35-7:45: first-third alarms go off. Get dressed etc. 8:20ish: walk 15-ish minutes to transit to take me to work 9:05-ish: arrive at work, make coffee, fill a 1.5L bottle of water, and hole myself up in a room somewhere to check Designer News and work till Scrum at 10:30.

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  • Nick MorrisonNick Morrison, 6 years ago
    • Wake up (6:30a.m.)
    • Drink a full glass of water
    • Shower
    • Walk to work
    • Eat breakfast and brew a Chemex
    • Read for 30 minutes (Currently Happy City)
    • Review calendar and make daily to-do
    • Get working!
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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, 6 years ago
    1. Wake up (6am)
    2. Sync with developers overseas ~5 hours
    3. Nap
    4. Breakfast (1-2pm)
    5. iBooks ~2 hours
    6. Sketch/Keynote
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  • Ferdi WielingFerdi Wieling, 6 years ago
    • Push the Espresso button on coffee machine. Twice.
    • Read and prioritise email on phone whilst waiting.
    • Sit on balcony, drink coffee and have a cigarette, get short emails out of the way.
    • Move to office, get cracking.

    If it's a holiday, I bathe.

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  • Alex Wu, 6 years ago
    1. Tell Alexa to stop the alarm, and give me flash briefing
    2. Bathroom
    3. Get dressed
    4. Post for east coast stand up [8:30 am]
    5. Walk to MUNI, read feedly for news on commute (~40min)
    6. Roll up into office and make Avacado toast and grab a tea (dope office avacadoes)
    7. Prep stand up materials/show n tell
    8. Attend west coast stand up [10am]
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  • Connor McCormick, 6 years ago
    • Wake Up
    • Bathroom
    • Kettlebells (~15 min)
    • Shower
    • Get dressed
    • Drive to Work (~15 min) [Arrive: 8AM]
    • Cold Brew
    • Breakfast
    • Product Hunt/DN/Email/Slack
    • Knock a few things out in Sketch
    • First Standup [9:15AM]
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  • Will Danner, 6 years ago
    • Wake up (5:40am)
    • Drink cold brew
    • Put on a podcast
    • Drive to Crossfit or Gym
    • Drive home
    • Eat breakfast
    • Shower
    • Drive to work (9:30am)
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  • Pedro PintoPedro Pinto, 6 years ago
    • Wake up
    • Bathroom
    • Breakfast
    • Crossfit or a quick run
    • Shower
    • Check email (and sometimes HN and DN)
    • Start work

    ps: I'm less focused during the day when I don't workout in the morning.

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  • Alec LomasAlec Lomas, 6 years ago
    1. Laze in bed for as long as possible while looking at my phone
    2. Hygiene stuff
    3. Dress myself
    4. Brew coffee (Chemex)
    5. Walk to work
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