• Alison Harshbarger, almost 4 years ago

    I'm really disappointed by this. I use the Like button a lot and have not been impressed with all the new features they've added.

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  • Joel Cook, 4 years ago

    What a bummer, I was a heavy user of the "like" feature. I have a handful of boards with specific purposes but one of the great things about Pinterest was stumbling across new content that maybe I wasn't exactly looking for. Instead of creating a ton of one off boards I would just "like" it and know that if I wanted to go back and find it later I could just go look into my "likes". Guess I'll be making a generic "random" type board to pin things that don't necessitate their own board or fit into an existing one.

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    • Samantha Zhang, 4 years ago

      Yah, exactly how I feel about it. And then "save" takes at least two clicks, and you need to wait for it to load your boards, while "like" is just one... :sadpanda:

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