React Native course for designers, anyone?

1 year ago from , Founder at jimu Labs

Hey Designers,

Are you interested in a React Native course tailored for you?

My name is Linton and I’m a developer. I know that “should designers code” is a heavily debated question here. IMHO designer should know some coding (but don’t necessarily “have to” code), and developers should learn some design.

As a developer who’s benefited from learning design, I’m considering to create a course to help designers. I’d really appreciate your feedback which will be invaluable to help me create something truly useful for the design community.

Here's a tentative writeup about the course:

I always believe that learning to code will help a designer become better at design. Armed with a better understanding of how things work, you will find the communication with developers much more efficient. Your design ideas would be more convincing and more respected. With no doubt, new skills you learn will open new doors.

React Native is a good starting point -- it's popular (hot), easier to learn and you can build great, real user interfaces with it. I'll try to integrate the learning of basic programming concepts (loops, functions etc.) into realistic examples that you'll build with your own hands. The course would include layouts, animations, and popular components -- everything necessary to create a modern UI.

Upon finishing the course, you should come away with hands-on experience in how to convert your comps and motion mockups into working code that runs on your iOS or Android devices. Perhaps you can even directly create unique experiences with code that are otherwise difficult to achieve. I hope you could integrate coding into your design workflow which pumps out a lot more creative good!

BTW: If you haven't heard of React Native, it's like HTML+CSS+JS but for building iOS and Android apps with native look and feel.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

It’d be super awesome if you are willing to jump on a quick call with me where I could ask your background and opinions. You can schedule the call here. I can also show you a little demo if you have your phone handy.

Really appreciate it!

Update 05/07/2017: A course page is ready:

Update: I've written a report of the 10+ interviews I've done so far:


  • beebee Ye, 1 year ago

    Look forward to the tutorial!

    10 points
  • Daniel Farrell, 1 year ago

    Yeah this'd be great! What price point would you offer it or would it be free?

    6 points
    • Linton Ye, 1 year ago

      I'm thinking of a combination of both free and paid. But I'd like to hear what you think. Do you have time to do a short Skype call with me?

      1 point
  • Hanu ManHanu Man, 1 year ago

    React.js or Vue.js... that is the dilemma.

    4 points
    • Linton Ye, 1 year ago

      At this point, I'm actually talking about React Native, which is for building mobile apps, instead of React.js for the web.

      But perhaps something about React.js / Vue.js can be good too if there's enough interest. :)

      2 points
      • Virginia Reed, 1 year ago

        Our developers use react right now and I'd be interested in learning more about it! I assume it's React.JS because it's for a web application and not mobile. I'd be interested in both options, but react.js may be more directly applicable to me right now as a designer.

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    • Alex Hazel, 1 year ago

      If this was for React.js, I would be more interested....

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  • Toby Silverman, 1 year ago

    Yes! This sounds amazing.

    1 point
  • Bilal MohammedBilal Mohammed, 1 year ago

    Woah, sounds pretty neat cap'n! You should definitely do this.

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  • JonnY Howle, 1 year ago

    Please do this!

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  • Ryan CarterRyan Carter, 1 year ago

    I'd be very interested. We're actually in the process right now of building our first React Native app for our product, and I'm at a complete loss for how styling and layout works in React Native.

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  • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 1 year ago

    I'm interested. Would pay up to $300 for a really well designed course. Thanks

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  • Katie MacoyKatie Macoy, 1 year ago

    yes please

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  • Dmitry Kozhemyakin, 1 year ago

    shutup and take my money! yes

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  • Blake PerdueBlake Perdue, 1 year ago

    I'd also pay for this. I wouldn't want it to be too non-technical. That is, I'd love to see it go deeper for those of us who know how to build stuff, while allowing non-technical folks to stay at that higher level.

    I've built React web apps and designed and built Swift iOS and Android apps, but haven't yet learned React Native. But I want to. And I want to learn how to build an app. I may not be your target market, though :)

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  • Jay Morris, 1 year ago

    I'm also interested.

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  • Davina KimDavina Kim, 1 year ago

    Please do this!

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  • Vision 229Vision 229, 1 year ago

    im in!

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  • Alexei BoronnikovAlexei Boronnikov, 1 year ago

    Defo interested!

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  • Ivan Prokhorov, 1 year ago

    Sounds very interesting for me

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  • Vincent Jouty, 1 year ago

    Sounds awesome!

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  • Phil K.-T.Phil K.-T., 1 year ago

    As someone who's worked with React before, totally interested!

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  • Daniel S, 1 year ago

    Yes this would be great but +1 for React JS 1st

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  • Prisca Ekkens, 1 year ago

    Absolutely, and please!

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  • Dawit Elias, 1 year ago

    This is a great idea. In my experience, the learning curve for web development isn't nearly as steep as it is for native app development. And, I like the emphasis on the building realistic examples

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  • Kian LaviKian Lavi, 1 year ago

    Think this could be a very interesting idea. Thanks for taking the initiative.

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  • David Lau, 1 year ago

    Yes, this will be awesome. I'm actually trying work through It's tough, having not touch javascript for quite a few years, being a designer. Also is anyone keen to build a slack group for designers who's learning react? @Linton?

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    • Linton Ye, 1 year ago

      Yup David. I'll create a Slack group as part of the course. Please stay tuned!

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  • eddie andtheworld, 1 year ago

    Yeah that sounds great! Looking forward to that.

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