Best avenue for finding design interns?

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We at are looking to hire a summer design intern in Chicago. We have posted this position on and other avenues, but can't seem to find the applicant flow we are desiring.

What are some of the communities favorite places to find great design interns, or design jobs in general?

We thank you in advance for your time!


  • Brian Peppler, 21 hours ago

    Work with local universities. Talk to advisors, instructors, and individuals in the career center. My team has a lot of success hiring co-op students who eventually stay with us after graduating.

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    • Connor McCormick, 1 minute ago

      I second Brian. We've had a lot of success from attending University Career Fairs and posting openings to College Job Boards.

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    • spencer syfrig, 2 minutes ago

      This. Reach out to local universities design departments with HCI programs (DePaul, U of Chicago, Northwestern, Illinois from a quick search), they always have students who are looking for internships. Also see if any bootcamp programs like General Assembly have any candidates.

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    • Kristin Lasita, 17 hours ago

      Yup, we do a year-round design intern program through a co-op program at the University of Cincinnati. So far it's been wonderful and as a person who went through it, the experience invaluable.

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    • Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson, 3 minutes ago

      Slightly off topic to interns, but I was hired by the agency I'm currently at from them advertising my position at my University to Graduates.

      I've been here happily now for over 3 years. I think there's a lot of potential by partnering with local universities.

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  • Sheik Gama AmanSheik Gama Aman, 2 minutes ago

    Post it on Angel List. / LinkedIn

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  • Alessandro Battisti, 3 days ago

    I go to CCA I can blast out an email to the design students there

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  • Sheik Gama AmanSheik Gama Aman, 2 minutes ago

    Are you looking for local candidate or International candidates ?

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  • Terrence Wong, 3 days ago

    As a recent student, I'll try to give a perspective from the other side. Most of the awesome design interns you're looking for are going to different events and local gatherings. Go to these design events and meet these students/young designers in-person. You get to meet people that are serious about what they do and they know that you're at least somewhat invested in design as well.

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  • Rauan Zhaukenov, 1 day ago

    u don't need good places just contact me i am looking for experience in ux/ui

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