• James Young, 4 days ago

    I'm coming to terms with the fact that at 40, I'm obviously not target audience for Facebook any more.

    Augmented sharks swimming in cereal, chat bots and VR profiles for my selfies - all while they can't even get an advert in my newsfeed that I'd be mildly interested in or make stuff I've clicked to hide stay hidden.

    It's fascinating that they're pushing tech but it feels their core news feed product is falling to pieces in the same way Twitter is through lack of quality design and attention.

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    • Emanuel SerbanoiuEmanuel Serbanoiu, 4 days ago

      At 40 you are still Young

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    • , 4 days ago

      Yeah the AR stuff doesn't interest me as much either -- although I do think it's great they've introduced a free interface design tool so people can start playing around with creating their own. I am really intrigued by the possibilities for connection with Spaces. Just need to get myself, my parents, and my sister an Oculus headset for it to be useful.

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  • , 3 days ago

    Did you guys follow the news avalanche? What parts did you think were important for designers?

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    • Darrell Hanley, 3 days ago

      The AR camera tool and the 1.0 release of React VR means it's probably a good idea to learn about 3D interfaces.

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  • Byron Houwens, 14 hours ago

    They've consistently been cited as a reason for America's political division due to the kind of "experience bubble" they create for users.. after acknowledging this they're now attempting to use AR and VR in a way that exacerbates that problem.

    It's an interesting path to take, and I'm not sure it's the right one. As @James Young noted, they seem to be trying to push into new areas without fixing the ones they're already dominating...

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    • , 6 hours ago

      Do you think AR/VR exacerbates that problem because people will only use it with people they already know on FB?

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  • Pedro PintoPedro Pinto, 5 days ago

    It's creepy the kind of data that Facebook can collect from people using VR.

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  • John PJohn P, 1 day ago

    Can't say I'm fussed, ethically I refuse to be involved in anything to do with Facebook.

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  • Joshua KaufmanJoshua Kaufman, 5 days ago

    EDIT: You might consider swapping the article title and subtitle. The title makes it sound like you're making an argument why the conference should focus on designers instead of developers, but the content of the article is about design highlights.

    Also, it's advertised as a developer conference.

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    • , 5 days ago

      Yeah I think you're right. Was debating which headline to use and wish I went with the subtitle. I've swapped it in the post but too late to change in DesignerNews. Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Wesley HainesWesley Haines, 3 days ago

    its a developer conference.

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