• Matthew StrömMatthew Ström, 1 month ago

    The symbol duplication bug was killing me.

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  • Greg WarnerGreg Warner, 1 month ago

    A big thank you to Sketch for fixing the symbol bug. Killing me too. However I'm still getting a similar bug duplicating text styles. If that could be next on the docket I'd appreciate it! :D

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 1 month ago

    Still got this Symbol Duplicate Thing even after the update. I mean how can you put out a product that has so many flaws. Sketch is not the only one Adobe does it also with Illustrator. I think this heavy fast paced pushed development has huge flaws. I don't need features every 2 Months. I just want a tool that i can rely on.

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  • Ivan C.Ivan C., 1 month ago

    Symbol duplication... who would suggest such an annoying feature! Glad they fixed it.

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  • Tom CTom C, 1 month ago

    So far it feels far more stable and snappy than 43.1 (not to mention 43.0 and 42.0...)

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  • Razlan HanafiahRazlan Hanafiah, 1 month ago

    Somehow Sketch feels so bloated in comparison to other newcoming tools like XD and Figma. Even just one artboard – it's sluggish.

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    • Luca Vavassori, 30 days ago


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    • Joshua Kaufman, 29 days ago

      I would reframe "bloated" as "mature." Yes, XD and Figma are more simple, but they lack the features often required to get real work done. (Sketch shouldn't be sluggish on a newer Mac.)

      Also, there will always be more simple tools in an industry that's constantly growing and evolving.

      Most importantly, new tools create competition, which in turn allows us to always have access to newer and better tools.

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      • Razlan HanafiahRazlan Hanafiah, 29 days ago

        Hey! I've been thinking about it just now, perhaps newer tools are smoother because of lack of features. Just like when Sketch came out :)

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      • Tom CTom C, 29 days ago

        shouldn't be sluggish on a newer Mac.. but it is on my 2,8GHz i7 with 16GB of RAM (no big plugins).. whereas version 41 works much better and works fine on my other Mac which has "only" i3 and 8GB RAM.

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    • Mac PankiewiczMac Pankiewicz, 30 days ago

      Did you try to remove all those fancy / 3rd party plugins?

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    • Andrius PetraviciusAndrius Petravicius, 1 month ago

      I agree, Figma and XD might be fine doing simple flat designs for Apps. Though doing web design stuff with more detail, some textures and so isn't that viable with those tools, as they lack features that Sketch has.

      Also I have like 20 plugins installed and Sketch works smooth on Late 2015 iMac with 16GB ram.

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      • Corey LeeCorey Lee, 28 days ago

        I'm curious what kind of detailed work you are doing in Sketch that you think is not possible in Figma and XD.

        As a long time Sketch user who has recently started using Figma more regularly, I find the vector tools comparable to Sketch if not better because of the pen tool. For more complex stuff I usually jump into Affinity Photo.

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    • Corey LeeCorey Lee, 29 days ago

      With just a single artboard and simple designs Sketch definitely feels snappier to me than Figma. The problem I usually have is that once you start working with larger more complex documents Sketch starts to chug. But since it starts off so responsive it's jarring to see it slow down. Whereas Figma is slower by nature of not being a native app, but it's speed remains more constant regardless of document size. For a native app to slow down like that it feels like they aren't talking advantage of GPU acceleration or something.

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