Show DN: I made a tool for recording user feedback. Want early access?

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Hey there, DN!

I've been working with a friend on a tool to make gathering feedback easier for everyone — makers and users. It's called Rayfeed. We were just featured on BetaList today.

So far, we've built a way to record video feedback without having to install any extensions. We want to create a platform where your users can help improve your product and stay in touch with makers.

Try a live demo on our landing page with Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Safari is not supported yet due to WebRTC.

Sounds interesting?

We're giving early access to people to get some initial impressions. You can sign up and start using Rayfeed for free. This link is a DN exclusive, feel free to share it with friends!

Keep in mind we're still in early beta and there is no proper onboarding yet.

My question to you: Any advice on how to make this tool better?

And here are some thoughts on why we're doing this:

Why another thing when there are tools like this already?

We've used tools like UserTesting, FullStory, Lookback, and UserVoice for various projects. There have been a few things that bothered us:

  • irrelevant recordings to sift through
  • hard to determine why users behaved the way they did and what they felt
  • random and irrelevant testers, no way to target the right people
  • installing extensions (yuck!)
  • expensive for early startups

How can we make it better?

  1. Create organized tests and give interactive directions
  2. Test with your actual customer base
  3. No extensions to install. Everything happens in your web browser
  4. Affordable pricing

Also on the roadmap: Product Roadmaps (pun intended) See an early demo