How do you document your design/thought process?

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I’m curious how you document your design process. I don’t mean organizing files and naming conventions but the actual design decisions that you’ve made. For example why a client’s website includes a certain UI element and what factors were considered for the final decision.

When clients require new work on the websites/apps that I’ve been working on in the past, I need to study the project again to make better decisions for the updates. The same goes if a project comes along that is comparable to a project in a past. A time consuming search for notes, sketches and similar items follows.

Do you have any best practices on how to approach that?

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  • Ryan WebsterRyan Webster, over 4 years ago

    I don't know that its best practice, but its driven by some Draplin advice of not throwing away failed concepts. Let's say I'm working on an interaction solution for a header, I may try something and get to a point where I can step back or better yet user test it.

    The solution isn't perfect, and can be improved upon, so rather than jumping directly into that artboard/file, I instead duplicate it and iterate upon it. Now, when in a design presentation, I have reference for other things that tested poorly and rationale on how it evolved.

    Sketch symbols have made this a bit more difficult, but you can detach or bitmap them.

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