• Drasius mDrasius m, over 6 years ago

    Left after 10s, because of the loader spinning and nothing happening.. If there would be an indicator of how much time I need to wait for page to load, I've might stay.

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    • Ollie ColemanOllie Coleman, over 6 years ago

      I ended up waiting a bit longer.

      I checked the console, for me the site took 35s to load. There were 142 (!!) requests and 18.1 MB file transfer!

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  • Dustin Locke, over 6 years ago

    Their specimen pages are so damn beautiful. Check out GT America too. This is how you present type on the web.

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  • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, over 6 years ago

    The pristine quality of this typeface alongside the absurd performance of its website caused a deep turmoil in my soul.

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