• Thomas PalumboThomas Palumbo, 1 year ago

    I have to fill out an email form to inquire about buying an item?

    Also the navigation and animations slow everything down. I guaruntee if you A/B tested this site versus a traditional e-commerce nav structure you would outperform the original over 200%. This design just isn't good for a store.

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  • Jimmy HookerJimmy Hooker, 1 year ago

    This is a beautiful site hampered by confusing navigation. Adding an actual menu-list would be easy here without hurting the aesthetics, as there are only 3 items (I can't see any benefit to the hamburger here, which is generally supposed to hide super-long menu lists).

    The products being at the bottom as little dots without any text to signify what they are is ridiculous. Even if I hover them I can't figure out what they are. Every time I come back to the site I have to click each one to figure out where that product is that I really wanted. Further, if I go to the product all the way on the right, I can't scroll back to the first product, or get back there at all without clicking multiple dots on the left to get back.

    So many things about this site are beautifully executed, but form clearly came over function.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, 1 year ago


    The design of the website perfectly mirrors the design of the furniture. I adore the unusual navigation (although as mentioned by others, I think a text-descriptor on hovering over the dots would help, as well as a "products" link in the Nav).

    The animations are slick, the interactions are a delight and add an almost textural feel to the website. They give the website some emotional heft and personality.

    Colour palette is (for the most part) perfect.

    With regards to the traditional e-commerce approach, I don't agree. The criticisms stem from the assumption that the company wants to sell a gazillion items and would be better suited having a Shopify template. Perhaps the aim of the company was to stand out from the crowd, to convey an experience and a mood?

    It's easy to get upset because this site doesn't conform to the amazon-esque ecommerce model that you're used to. But designs like this are wonderful. They set a brand apart from the frankly disposable and ubiquitous websites which litter the market.

    I say "well done".

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    • Tristan HarwardTristan Harward, 12 months ago

      Same. I think people who look at a brilliantly executed site like this and bemoan that "function takes a back seat" have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy something beautiful, that remarkably actually does function extremely well at showing the nature and value of the products they want you to see. Really nicely done.

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