Black In History - A side project curating the names of influential Black Americans

almost 4 years ago from , Interactive ACD at Publicis Hawkeye


Hey all! I thought I'd share a personal side project that I've been working on (and just relaunched) over the past few years called "Black In History". It's a site that started out of a frustration with the lack of awareness Black Americans contributions (cultural, innovative, political, or otherwise) have been marginalized to a 28 day month of the year where we all talk about the same people (MLK, Rosa Parks, George Washing Carver).

There's a whole wealth of innovators, game changers, Americans who've been overlooked. I try to represent a message of positivity, diversity and sheds a light on interesting histories that many have never heard. Here's the summary:

Curating the names of influential Black Americans, past & present, and giving them the recognition they deserve. Because Black History is American History.

I also allow for users to submit their own names, because I want it to be an interactive experience and I want people to feel engaged. I also saw it as an opportunity to play around with some CSS3 animation & typography I don't get to do often in my day job. I was definitely pushing Tumblr to its' limits, lol.

The site's been featured on Buzzfeed, Communication Arts, Complex, 2 webby honoree awards, and other publications. If you wanna learn more about why I made it, you can check out a feature article interview I did with Tumblr back in the day. Thanks all!