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I re designed my main website/portfolio this weekend. Got some very helpful feedback last time so I'm hoping to hear from you guys again. Here it is: https://1ric.com/

Thank you


  • Simon EvansSimon Evans, 3 years ago

    36 requests | 17.1MB transferred

    Connection killer! 14.2MB of that is the video - consider reducing it if you can.

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    • AJ M, 3 years ago

      Oh wow. I can certainly reduce the video size, and probably also the hover over images. Thank you so much.

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  • Spencer HaizelSpencer Haizel, 3 years ago

    Yep, it's really, really slow for me. 20-30s of load on most pages?

    The design is nice, once it's loaded.

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    • AJ M, 3 years ago

      Good to know. I was just focusing on the design but I'm sure I can reduce the size significantly with resizing media. Thanks a bunch

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  • Giovanni HobbinsGiovanni Hobbins, 3 years ago

    Bit slow as the others said, but I really like the look and the case studies are well done. Impressive body of work in different mediums and industries.

    Very cool that you're doing VR and Mixed reality design. How did you start learning to design for that medium?

    Also, how was the build process with Semplice? I've been considering using it myself.

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