How about a Chat bot showcasing your Design Portfolio?

1 year ago from , UI/UX Designer

I am Mahesh, UX/UI Designer. I had created a chat bot which will showcase the list of my design projects & respective screens in each project. It can also show my contact details for connecting with me. So basically you can get imp. info in your FB Messenger itself, without the need to visit portfolio site.

I am asking for a design/business mentor through this platform who can contact me here & can guide me to improve work quality. I am looking forward to connect with fellow designers & tech people around world for discussion of ideas/projects. I will work on different types of projects as UX/Product designer in my part-time for free of charge if I feel their potential.

Portfolio Chatbot link:

Portfolio link:


  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 1 year ago

    I personally would not engage into any kind of professional conversation through facebook. Also, a bot basically say "I am not willing to take the time to prepare my assets and my conversational material for the time we are conversing".

    Cool thing, but I personally wouldn't like it.

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    • , 1 year ago

      Thanks for providing your time, Michael. I know some of the drawbacks of bot in the use case of portfolio. I just wanted to show we can use the bots for this purpose too. And personally, I do prefer web portfolio over bots and I have one as I mentioned in the content.

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  • A Paul, 1 year ago

    Please no more chatbots.

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  • Ben JansenBen Jansen, 1 year ago

    Hey I love your portfolio, can you enlighten me on how you build it? Is it completely self written?

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