• Nic TrentNic Trent, 4 years ago

    Actually preferred the previous design, but this isn't bad.

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  • François BriodFrançois Briod, 4 years ago

    I discovered Offscreen when they were advertising on DN, and I'm a big fan since (bought most of the previous edition). I'm impressed to see it's a one-man magazine (I know he has a lot of support, but still) and I'm thrilled to see its new look.

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  • Arthur Lambillotte, 4 years ago

    Love the new look

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  • Phy Nebowaski, 4 years ago

    Great Dev work!

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  • Juho RantakariJuho Rantakari, 4 years ago

    This looks fantastic, definitely on my order list. I've been an avid reader of Works That Work by Peter Bil'ak but Offscreen seems to be more design-orientated which might be interesting as well.

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