• Fran RosaFran Rosa, 3 years ago

    First, on projects as large as Instagram, back engineering design decisions is tricky because there are always too many variables.

    In this case, the circular button seems a solution imported from mobile, where click area is important. On desktop, not so much, so I'll say that focusing Instagram web towards desktop could be a reason.

    Also with the circular button you lose a lot of space, so making the UI more compact and making better use of space could be another one.

    Making the UI more consistent could be a third one. Usually primary buttons — like Follow — have a blue blackground and secondary buttons — like Following, to unfollow, or Edit profile — have no background and an outline. Both secondary button examples are used when showing an action different from the main action — or default — in the same place, to reduce the chance of clicking by mistake. As the Load more button is the only one displayed in that place, showing it as a primary button seems appropriate. Also the circular button shape wasn't used anywhere else on the UI.

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  • Alex CicanAlex Cican, 3 years ago

    To be consistent with their mobile app.

    If you noticed, recently, they changed their button styling to have full-blue bg coloured buttons for inactive/not-pressed buttons and hollow (border) ones for active/pressed buttons. This was not the case in the past, they had hollow buttons (round button in your screenshot is an example).

    I guess this change has been applied to their web interface now.

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