Opinions about working overseas at Western (English speaking) countries?

over 3 years ago from , UI Designer at Dragon Capital Center

Hi, I'm Visien from Indonesia. I'm currently working as a UI designer (formerly web designer) in a startup company here. I have been passionate with this field ever since I was a kid so I don't want to shift my career over anything!

To be honest, design is not really that appreciated in this country (in terms of aesthetics), and I'm still 24 I want to learn lots of things. One way to do it is to get into a some sort of design studio/agency where you can work on variety of projects but the salary just does not keep up with average living cost. In-house/startup companies usually offers larger but you only get to work with that one product. Don't get me wrong, startups are great for learning if they have that culture of appreciation. I'm not looking for a perfect place to work, but a place where design is appreciated and you can learn from it.

My assumption is that countries in Asia are still developing in terms of UI design appreciation or application. They are not there yet, but I'm sure someday will! However, prior to my aspiration of learning, I am thinking of moving and working overseas to Western (English speaking) countries. What are the odds? Has anyone in here ever did this too? Do you mind to share your experiences here?

My plan is to work as a junior UI designer in one of these countries: Europe (probably London or Germany), Australia, and USA (I'm still not sure about this yet…) And not to confuse with self-promotion, this is my portfolio: http://www.vinesa.com & http://dribbble.com/hyoori, do I even pass the smallest standard of being out there?

Thanks in advance!