• Gideon ChiaetGideon Chiaet, over 6 years ago

    The booking and checkout process are super solid. I wish there was a bit more sparkle to the homepage animation wise, but I say that about everything.

    Nice launch Milkshake!

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  • James Young, over 6 years ago

    Pretty nice and clear to book but I'd like to see a more prominent link to this frequently mentioned 50 point checklist (I found it in the footer but nowhere else).

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  • Thomas RawcliffeThomas Rawcliffe, over 6 years ago

    Air Bnb

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    • Luis da SilvaLuis da Silva, over 6 years ago

      I have to disagree Thomas; so, are you saying that Airbnb = Skyscanner = Kayak = etc... ? (unless they're A/B testing and I see a different version)

      IMO, the website was well executed and it fill its needs. I haven't seen Airbnb playing and mixing iconography with text. Plus, the colours used on the website, the cleaning process storyboarding, the icons; they're super nice and modern.

      Well done guys! +1

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  • Diederik EenschootenDiederik Eenschooten, over 6 years ago


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    • Marvin Hagemeister, over 6 years ago

      In case anyones wondering: This is caused by two images on the page. The hero image is a png instead of a jpeg. PNG is awesome for diagrams and geometric shapes, but really really bad for photos on the web. And the image with the table alone accounts for 2.7MB of page weight. That can be easily reduced to a <100kb (doesn't span the full screen width).

      Properly optimizing these two images will likely reduce the load time from 8-15s down to 2-3s.

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  • Rodrigo FrancoRodrigo Franco, over 6 years ago

    I just love this design. Kudos for the booking process.

    If the people who did it are reading this: Great Job!

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  • Niclas Hellberg, over 6 years ago

    I like it. The design shines on a medium sized screen. On a wide screen (>2000px) the elements fly apart, grouping don't work anymore and reading long lines is really annoying. I would work with a max width and not always use the 100%.

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