Google Material Icons for Sketch [Updated]

4 years ago from , Digital Product Designer

Designers & Sketch enthusiasts; I’ve updated the Sketch source file that contains ALL the icons available on the Google official website, and I did even more; (more info on the Github Repo). If you like it, I’d appreciate a retweet and a ❤️. Thank you all! (Every single icon is well organised, and have bounds.)


Easy-to-use instructions:

  1. CMD + F;

  2. Type in the icon name;

  3. CMD + 2;

Updated icons:

• ic photo filter

• ic person pin (manual fix)

• ic sentiment dissatisfied (manual fix)

• ic sentiment satisfied (manual fix)

• ic sentiment very dissatisfied (manual fix)

• ic sentiment very satisfied (manual fix)

PS: I'm aware that https://material.io/icons/, Material Icon Font and similar exists; this is just a matter of preference as it's easier for me to use this type of sketch resources.