Frontpage revamp: CreativeList

over 2 years ago from , Founder @ www.creativelist.io, Previously @Pinterest, @YouTube, @Google, @Yahoo!

Just finished redesigning the front page of CreativeList and looking to get some awesome feedback (please, be frank!). Considering the audience (it's both creatives and their customers), I've been struggling to keep it neutral but yet inspiring.

My last attempt was to have a picture in the background (mountains - in the meaning of always reach for higher) wasn't much of a success (21% of the audited users didn't understand it, 9% hated it, 7% liked it, 4% loved it - the rest didn't reply).

If in your critic, you think of some websites that are doing those headers right (keeping them both neutral while inspiring), feel free to share those links.


  • Marcel van Werkhoven, over 2 years ago

    Nice job. I must say that with an image in the background the search bar does stand out more. Somehow the search is somewhat 'invisible' in the current design.

    I think you can also make some improvements by adding some hierarchy to the design. Almost everything seems equally important on the homepage at first glance.

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    • , over 2 years ago

      @Marcel: Thanks! Totally agree on the search bar. It definitely feels more blended in the content than in the previous version. I'll continue to tweak it until this looks better. Airbnb has a similar background pattern, but their shadows / colors are darker and their design is a bit more flat. Will have to investigate on that one. Thanks again!

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