• Jonny BeltonJonny Belton, over 4 years ago

    Awesome work Chris & team, looking forward to trying this out!

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  • Andy StoneAndy Stone, over 4 years ago

    Huge congratulations to the Niice team. You are in my bookmarks bar and we absolutely love the site. I definitely don't use all of the features offered, but the search/boards alone is fantastic.

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  • Chris Armstrong, over 4 years ago

    Four years ago this week, we launched the first version of Niice (known internally as Vanilla Niice). Since then we’ve learned a lot about how creative teams of all shapes and sizes collaborate, and the common problems we all face.

    The creative process is a conversation, and when creative projects fail it’s rarely due to a shortage of ideas or talent; it’s because communication breaks down. This makes sense when you consider that all of our communication tools were designed for words, not pictures.

    We believe there's a need for a tool that’s designed for free-flowing, creative discussions; that enables us to present & critique our ideas in a visual way without having to be in the same room at the same time, or even the same timezone.

    So today we’re launching Niice 2: a canvas for creative discussion. It’s a feedback tool that’s easier than email, and a smart, shared visual library for your team.

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    • Brandon SBrandon S, over 4 years ago

      Any chance you guys will implement copy + pasting images into the boards? Also it would be great to be able to drag in sketch files directly!

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      • Chris ArmstrongChris Armstrong, over 4 years ago

        We're starting to beef up our file support for the new 'Studio' plan, and Sketch is definitely on the wishlist :) In the meantime, you can drag designs directly into Niice from Sketch like this

        And I hear you on the copy+paste support, something we need to look into.

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