• Marcel van Werkhoven, 4 years ago

    Very nice! I really like the small and subtle animations for the icons :)

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    • Jari ZwartsJari Zwarts, 4 years ago

      Thanks Marcel! Have you tried hovering your mouse cursor over the 'Popular Movies // Recent Additions' section? :)

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  • Jari Zwarts, 4 years ago

    So, little bit of background: Design was made by Momkai, development by Oberon.

    We used React with server side rendering, Redux & Express.js. We also adopted this interesting pattern throughout the entire website where we reuse data (say, for example basic info such as the title and the main image from a movie) that we already know to fill in the page the user requested before doing the actual API call. This, combined with the ElasticSearch backend makes it - at least feel - really blazingly fast. Backend was build on CraftCMS with an additional Symfony layer as API.

    I'm sorry about the technical details (I know this isn't the place!), but I hope you enjoyed my little write up nonetheless. If you have any feedback or questions I'm all ears.

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