• Will H McMahan, 5 years ago

    Super excited to announce that Neat v2.0 has been released. We've also updated our site at http://neat.bourbon.io


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  • Nat BuckleyNat Buckley, 5 years ago

    I have been using Neat for a long time now. It’s powerful and flexible, and has changed how I think about grids. The flexibility allowed me to design the grids around the content, and make both simple and complex layouts just as easily. Even the complex stuff I built with it was straightforward to manage at multiple breakpoints.

    I’m really excited about 2.0 and grateful for the hard work that Thoughtbot had put into it.

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  • Jansen Tolle, 5 years ago

    Definitely going to start using this. Our team uses bootstrap but I personally find myself never using the components and hating the bloat. I love using smaller systems like bourbon + neat

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  • Febril CuevasFebril Cuevas, 5 years ago

    This is super neat! ;) Probably going to start using this.

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  • Charles JonesCharles Jones, 5 years ago

    Wonderful! Love neat. Will always love neat. Thank you for your hard work to make something so simple. Will the other members of the bourbon family receive such updates?

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    • Will H McMahan, 5 years ago

      Very delayed response ;)

      Bourbon 5.0 is currently in beta-6 and will be released very soon. Bitters has continued to receive minor updates so there is not a big update incoming but we'll likely switch up the site soon. Refills is currently going through a major rework but no ETA on delivery.

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