• Kevin RabinovichKevin Rabinovich, 10 days ago

    This title, in combination with the color of the badge (which resembles Ask DN), is very misleading. It makes me—and likely others—think that this is a serious question posed by a DN user.

    I think that there should be restrictions on what titles are allowed by advertisers who show native ads on DN.

    Edit: interestingly, ”Sponsor:” prefaces the title when editing a comment: Screenshot

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    • Kris Korn, 10 days ago

      Absolutely agree. I have clicked this Title several times for several days to see what is the question and what are the comments and until now I did not even know it was and AD.

      That is not okay...

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      • Maxwell Lind, 10 days ago

        Hey Kevin / Kris... we most certainly want to be wary of situations like this, and ensure sponsorships are both noted as such and representative of the DN brand/audience.

        Can I ask, where did you first see this story? (desktop, mobile, Twitter, etc)

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    • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, 6 days ago

      Alternatively you could pay for a subscription. Let's face it, using a 'back' button / shortcut is a massive ball ache.

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  • Nik RajpalNik Rajpal, 6 days ago

    we should make the sponsor icon pink with a big dollar sign on it so it's easy to avoid

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