What's your go-to platform or tech stack for non-app websites these days?

almost 4 years ago from , Partner at Caribou

I'm about to implement a simple, marketing website with a few pages and a few forms. My default for these types of websites—Wordpress—has always been defined by my workplace, and I don't really want to use it for this.

I'm very comfortable with React, but it seems like overkill for a static website like this. What's your go-to for these kinds of websites today?

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  • Jesse HoyosJesse Hoyos, almost 4 years ago

    I have always been a fan of http://roots.cx/ Its always been very quick and flexible to get static sites up and running and it uses my preferred "stack": Stylus, Jade/Pug.

    The developers behind it have recently announced that they will stop updating it, and have introduced its "spiritual successor" https://www.spike.cf/ which looks very interesting. They moved on to an updated software stack and its become more opinionated. I've toyed around with it and if you are familiar with roots you will feel comfortable using Spike, but there is still a few things to re-learn. I am interested in checking it out for future projects.

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