Our new agency website

over 4 years ago from , Digital Strategist & Partner at Studio Projectie

Hi all,

We've just launched the first version of our new website and identity. For over 10 years we used to be a web development studio focused on small and local businesses. Until we landed a few big clients about 7 years ago and a side-project blew up in a good way. I plan to write about the history (from working at a firm that went from 4 to, 40 and finally after a split-up to 14 employees) shortly. But in the meantime we've launched our new website. Our first vision aimed at growth and expansion after the founders split-up the company and went their separate ways about 2 years ago. There's still room for improving and optimizing a ton of things (especially code, imagery and cross-browser support) but you have to launch at some point and I look forward to hearing your feedback :)