• Alim MaasogluAlim Maasoglu, 3 months ago

    LinkedIn eww

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    • George VouGeorge Vou, 3 months ago

      What's that Alim? You don't like the new stuff from LinkedIn or just the site in general? :)

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      • Alim MaasogluAlim Maasoglu, 3 months ago

        I just don't like the poorly executed UX of LinkedIn and this ruins almost everything on the platform. LinkedIn needs a full redesign and someone behind the team who understands what "problem solving" and "user experience" means. Redesign doesn't implies only to an beautiful user interface, no. I mean a complete overhaul of the website. Right now the website is not usable, it is actually a horror story.

        • Security
        • Nonsense & poor UX
        • Structure
        • Layout
        • Bugs
        • ...

        and it goes on and on and on. LinkedIn shoud hire some capable Creative Directors, put together a team of creative minds and realize a remarkable product for the user base. I think LinkedIn has enough cashflow to make this happen. I can just hope that someday LinkedIn will head into the right direction. Just my two cents.

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        • George VouGeorge Vou, 1 month ago

          Fair comment.

          It's a weird one because there's a lot I don't like about LinkedIn either and as you say..it wouldn't need a genius to make it happen, just some good solid UI/UX peeps

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