Show DN: Part-Lance

over 5 years ago from , Freelance Designer and Developer

Evening designer news,

I am trying to kick off a new side project of mine this weekend. For a long time now I have been interested in finding other people like myself who are freelancers along-side a freelance gig.

I thought I would provide a bit more information and if anyone is interested please reach out to me either on here or via the site.

This is my first project like this and any feedback on the concept or my approch is appreciated!

What is a partlancer?

A part-lancer is anyone who has paid freelance work while also doing something else that is considered a “full time” commitment.

What am I trying to do?

I am trying to dig out the habits, routines, time management methods and tools that have lead you to successful and produce high-quality work using a finite amount of time. If you are a partlancer in any discipline (developer, designer, woodworker, guardener.. anything!) I would love to speak to you.


I am trying to scratch my own itch. I have been a freelance developer as a side-gig for almost three years now and although it has gone well, it hasn’t been easy! As my customer base has grown I have had to deal with increased demand on my time, higher stake projects and tighter deadlines. Using this project, I am looking to produce content to help anyone else in my position and I am excited to meet like-minded people who are happy to share.

The project site is here for signups: part-lancer.com