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6 years ago from , Product Design Lead at Nike


  • Dan Christian, 6 years ago

    Here’s a few of them:

    Here's is a contraction of here is. Your copy should read...

    Here are a few of them:

    You are presenting plural projects, rather than a singular project.


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  • Jonathan KelleyJonathan Kelley, 6 years ago

    Refreshing to see a 'VC' kind of company just opening up and saying 'Look this is what we do.... if you do something cool, hit us up' that's the commentary I got from looking at this site for about 20 seconds. Hope that's what you were going for.

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  • Spencer HaizelSpencer Haizel, 6 years ago

    It's not very responsive :(

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  • Christian SchuhmannChristian Schuhmann, 6 years ago

    I expected a tiny website where I need to zoom to read something. Now I am somewhat disappointed :/

    Apart from that, the design is nice and simple. As others already said I miss the "why" and "who".

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  • James Young, 6 years ago

    Doesn't really tell me anything about who they are or why someone with a cool product should get in touch.

    I recognise the logos but without a little more context it's like seeing those freelancer portfolios that have logos saying "I've worked for Google, Apple, MS etc" but with no more detail and it turns out they vaguely worked for an agency who did some email template mods for Google.

    I expect they don't need to be descriptive if you're in the market for investment as you might know them?

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  • Nathan GathrightNathan Gathright, 6 years ago

    I don't quite understand the hierarchy of the child companies. It's my understanding that some of these are wholly-owned subsidiaries, some are investments, and some of these are just equity exchanged for design, right?

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    • Andrew WilkinsonAndrew Wilkinson, 6 years ago

      Most we own large chunks or controlling stakes of, a few, like Buffer, we have invested in.

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      • Nathan GathrightNathan Gathright, 6 years ago

        Cool. I guess it makes more sense if your involvement in each is relatively level.

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      • Dominic SebastianDominic Sebastian, 6 years ago

        And you guys started Flow, but now is run by someone else right?

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      • Paul Van TuylPaul Van Tuyl, 6 years ago

        This is way off topic, but why do you use the subdomain "www"? I mean, you're going very new school with the tiny.website TLD, but why the old school throwback? This is purely a curiosity question.

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