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2 years ago from , ui/ux @ anagrama.com — mim.st

I was aiming for something really minimalistic and without javascript, done in almost exactly 10 hours.



  • Tobias ReichTobias Reich, 2 years ago

    You're using background-attachment: fixed for the background, which is a performance nightmare. Replacing it with background-repeat or something similar improves the performance drastically. Here's a comparison:

    With background-attachment: fixed: With background-attachment

    With background-repeat: With background-repeat

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  • Colin KeanyColin Keany, 2 years ago


    This looks really great! I really like the subtlety of everything happening when I scroll.

    A couple pieces of feedback, take it or leave it!

    1. Looks like there are some issues with the mobile view, especially within the case studies. The images don't scale down and begin to get cut off at a certain point.

    2. Because of how interactive the hover state is on the project images on the homepage, I expect them to be clickable, but am surprised to see that they're not.

    3. Lastly, all of the other actionable items on the page have some kind of fun interaction on hover except for the email icon in the upper right!

    Aside from that, nice work!

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    • Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman, 2 years ago

      Agreed with 2.

      When I reach the bottom of a project, it'd be nice to have some pagination from project to project instead of forcing me to use the back button.

      Looks great tho, I'd also maybe consider trying to optimize some of your images more, couple projects took a long time to load.

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    • Luke Bugbee, 2 years ago

      I appreciate the humility and usefulness of this feedback. DN needs more of this ^ :)

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    • Alejandro DorantesAlejandro Dorantes, 2 years ago

      Thank you very much for this feedback, im working on it right now!

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    • Alejandro DorantesAlejandro Dorantes, 2 years ago

      Optimized everything, can you take another look? Thanks.

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  • Brittany Smart, 2 years ago

    Love that you did this without javascript, nice use of whitespace too. Found a typo "to work alonside Google" http://messinmotion.com/google.html

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  • Samuel ṢoṣinaSamuel Ṣoṣina, 2 years ago

    Sweet! I really like your portfolio. So clean

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  • Oleg Serediuc, 2 years ago

    Simple and clean. The only thing that I would change are the lines on bg, I would just remove them

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    • Alejandro DorantesAlejandro Dorantes, 2 years ago


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    • Brendan Fagan, 2 years ago

      I'd argue to keep them. To me they add to the overall personality you have going there and they don't impact focus or readability.

      Nice work!

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      • Seth RSeth R, 2 years ago

        I second this.

        Removing the lines will take away much of the unique look. I think it adds a lot of style for such a simple element. Keep!

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  • Moe AmayaMoe Amaya, 2 years ago

    Crazy how the internet condenses the size of the world and brings people together.

    1. Love the portfolio. Design, writing, and technical implementation are all executed impressively well. Now that the first version is shipped, you should have some fun with it!
    2. Appreciate you using Rellax (I'm the person who wrote it :D). It's so cool to see it being used in the wild!!
    3. My whole family is from Mexicali, so it's encouraging to see design talent emerging from that part of the world. I'd love to hear more how you got started in web design! Holler if you're up for chat moe at dixonandmoe dot com
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    • Alejandro DorantesAlejandro Dorantes, 2 years ago

      Hey Moe, that's quite a big coincidence lol! Rellax it's really fun.

      I'll shoot you an email so we can chat.

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  • A. PociusA. Pocius, 2 years ago

    Hey, nice portfolio, love minimalistic look. But there is problem when hovering on button:


    I'm using Safari 10.0.3

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  • Bugsy SailorBugsy Sailor, 2 years ago

    We used the same emoji in the footer, good call!


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