• Joey CofoneJoey Cofone, over 1 year ago

    Jonathan, thanks for the props! Codex is our new app designed based on feedback from our analog notebook customers. As more notebooks are filled up, the struggle becomes one of finding where that particular note or sketch is. Codex isn't just a scanner, it's your notebook (and, if you like, your photo/document) library.

    Everything is organized by hashtag, which is particularly useful for notebooks because of the myriad of content we have on any one page. Rather than have to decide which folder a page goes in you can add as many tags as you like. Example: A webpage wireframe and logo idea sketch on the same page—simply tag the page as #wireframe and #logo rather than select a single folder.

    This version has been in-use here at Baron Fig for a while now, we're excited to push it live. It's already made my notebook shelf much more accessible (it's all in my pocket now), and the features we have planned are exciting.

    We chose to go with a subscription because we're a small team providing constant updates and customer service. We don't plan to set it and forget it. As always, feel free to send feedback. We'd love to hear the good and the bad, this way we not only know what to improve, but what we're doing right. Hope you all enjoy.

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    • Jonathan Simcoe, over 1 year ago

      It looks beautiful and simple. I love that it's an extension of the analog notebooks. Great concept!

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    • Michael G., over 1 year ago

      Hello - the Codex app was a way for me to discover the notebooks and pen and I'm enjoying using both of them so far. Can you explain why, for lack of a better word, the auto detect feature is so "glitchy?" Even in good light with the notebook positioned flat, it seems to have trouble aligning to the dimensions of a page. I've been wondering if perhaps a "guide" at the four corners of a page would help, some kind of small right angle line that the app could detect and determine where the edges of a page are. Wondering if you have looked into anything like that in your development process?

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