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Besides slack, and possibly whatever accounting software you are using that includes a calendar or whatever...

What has worked for you as far as a daily/month/year Project Planner/Organizer?

There is a need for one. I haven't find one yet...


  • Florian BauernfeindFlorian Bauernfeind, 5 years ago

    We tried a lot of different software and are now using Producteev for short-time planning (2-4 Weeks)

    I like it because it's really easy to use and not crammed as other similar software.

    For long-term planning we are using Trello. It's great for getting a good overview.

    Lastly our Dev Team is using Jira from Atlassian. Often used and a great tool (If you are patient and willing getting used to the UI).

    Hope that helps! :)

    PS.: Obviously I love the word great...

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    • Spencer Bittle, 5 years ago

      Awesome! Thank you for your response.

      I probably should have prefaced my question and statement better.

      I am a solo/freelance/one man show. I have struggled to find a platform that suits those in my similar position. One that is not over saturated with bells and whistles.

      What are your thoughts? Have you found something that has worked for you individually?


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      • Florian BauernfeindFlorian Bauernfeind, 5 years ago

        Oh ok :)

        Back in my freelance days, I worked with Solo.

        They have implemented quite a lot of useful features for the freelancers every day routine.

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        • Spencer Bittle, 5 years ago

          I've definitely checked them out, overall I think I agree with you in what it offers.

          What features appealed to you most and what were a few things you wish could have been added to help your workflow?

          *Doing some research :)

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          • Florian BauernfeindFlorian Bauernfeind, 5 years ago

            Do you mean regarding Solo?

            I like the Timetracker App for iPhone to stop and start tasks.

            Unfortunately I forget it too often (Zei is a cool tool against this weakness ;) ).

            Do you want to build your own project management app? :D

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            • Spencer Bittle, 5 years ago

              Yes, based off your experience using Solo.

              I think here a many viable options, but they are more so tailored towards large teams or for smaller start ups. Which is GREAT! That is needed.

              But there are many contract/freelance designers and devs that I believe could benefit from a equal experience.

              I am in the beginning stages of designing such an experience.

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