• Anton TrollbäckAnton Trollbäck, 1 month ago

    "minimalists". Stop it already. normalise.css is great and will always be needed. Then apply global border-box in you app code if you so wish.

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    • , 1 month ago

      I agree Normalize is great. But always needed? We'll have to agree to disagree.

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      • Anton TrollbäckAnton Trollbäck, 29 days ago

        Normalize is never not needed unless you are are working on a widget or subset of another site/environment.

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    • Dennis AnderssonDennis Andersson, 1 month ago

      I've been tinkering with fairly small personal projects recently that actually didn't need Normalize.css although some form of reset or normalization is always nice to have. One "big" difference is that I don't like to completely remove every margin and padding for every element. The defaults for these things aren't that bad.

      Similar but still different. It's up on Github for those interested: Clickity click

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